Basic Strategy in Omaha Hi-Lo

Basic Strategy in Omaha Hi-Lo

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In Omaha Hi-Lo your target is to win the pot. This means that you must scoop both the high and the low. For this purpose you need to be very selective as to which hands you start to play with, as well as which hands you play after the flop. Of course, if you don’t want to play in a way that you are quartered or get to split the pot very often.

Find a list of skills and advice that can help you increase your chances to be a winner at Omaha Hi-Lo represented below.

  • Raise seldom before flop.
  • Keep in mind that your goal is to scoop the pot.
  • Be able to frequently fold on the flop.
  • Play premium starting hands.
  • Selecting a table, take into account that it is best to play only in loose games where five or more players see the flop on average.
  • Develop your skills at calculating pot odds.
  • Generally speaking, it is necessary to play only hands that comprise A-2, A-3 or 2-3 for low hand, although a backup low card of course gives additional value.
  • At most times you need to play only hands with four cards (9 and higher) for high hand. If the other two cards also go well with the hand you should play A-4 suited and A-5 suited from time to time in order to avoid predictability of your play.
  • Fold most hands which have a negative expected value. These ones are 7, 8 or 9.
  • Play in a more aggressive manner, in case if you hit a good flop.
  • Play hands that have capability of scooping the pot.
  • Usually, refrain from playing after the flop unless you have the crazy potential.
  • Only occasionally resort to the bluff on the river if there is not a low hand out.
  • Don’t play bluffing too often.
  • In late position only play the more marginal starting hands, when several players have called in front of you.

Here are the most common mistakes made by beginners at Omaha Hi-Lo

  • Playing too many starting hands.
  • Calling all the way having only a high or low potential.
  • Seeing flops with four middle cards, like 6-7-8-9.
  • In early position raising with A-2 and making players fold instead of seeing the flop cheaply with more players in.
  • Calling on the flop with only a high draw if the flop comes with two low cards.
  • Having only a low draw, calling on the flop after the flop coming with two high cards.