First Visit to the Casino: Before Start Playing

First Visit to the Casino: Before Start Playing

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Your first trip to the casino is usually very impressive. The whole picture may be too bright and dazzling: players crowded around tables, the clapping and cries of winners and losers, the ringing of bells and flashing of lights.

The whole casino atmosphere reminds of a wild festival. And it is quite natural to feel stunned and nervous being at such environment for the first time.

Having entered the poker room you will not feel more relaxed at all: with the TVs screens hanging on to the walls and these diminutive figures with piles of chips in front of them, managers and chip runners and security all shuttle-cocking around.

All of this is very distracting. So, you should be very careful not to loose yourself and forget why you are there. This article supposes to be your brief guideline aimed to help you in accommodating before start playing poker at the table.

There are certain rules below which are of great use:

1. Get the poker room number off the Internet and put your name on the waiting list before you direct your steps to the casino. At most times the poker room allows one hour between the moment when you call and the time you arrive at the casino to check in.

With the help of a waiting list, you can avoid a necessity to wander around the casino for an extra hour getting tempted by rigged house games.

2. You should go straight to the poker room and check in with guest services right after you first arrive at the casino. If a waiting list is very large, you may be offered a pager that will send you a signal when your seat is available.

It would be an excellent idea to use this time you have got to be wandering around and checking out all the action. You have an opportunity to ask any questions which may arise about buy-ins and things like that.

3. Don’t get in trap of casino pit games . If you are a real poker player you should be interested in poker playing in the first place, but not in that kind of games. These are just a waste of your time or money, or both.

Instead, it would be more useful for you to stick around the poker room and watch TV or read some poker magazines while waiting for your turn.

4. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the particular poker room’s rules . Almost all poker rooms have their rules posted somewhere near at hand. Every room may have some discrepancies in the rules, so it’s always better to look them through in order to avoid surprises.

You have nothing to be afraid of. Remember, everyone is a little nervous when his first time.

5. If you want to save time you can go to the cage yourself and get your chips . Of course, you may stay waiting until you are sitting at the table and then charge a dealer or a chip runner to bring chips for you but it will just take longer time. So anyway if you are waiting just get your chips from the cage yourself.

6. It is good to make the habit of just placing the money on the table when handing money to a casino employee. Casino employees are not supposed to receive money directly from a player’s hand so it is recommended just to lay your money on the table, and then they’ll take it from there.

7. You should be attentive and listen for your name . It will most probably be called by means of a PA system. So if you have not been given a pager, keep an ear out. You’ll be withdrawn from the list if you don’t react on your name calling. When you hear your name, go to the place where you have checked in and they’ll show you to your seat.