Making Poker a Full-Time Job

Making Poker a Full-Time Job

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Poker is one of the most exciting and intriguing game in the world. Most people who have tried to play this game become very loyal and passionate players during the whole their lives. But some of them even decide to play poker for a living combining their hobby with full-time job in one. Before taking such a decision it is necessary to study all advantages and disadvantages of this way of money earning. As any game, poker has many benefits, but it also very important to know all negative consequences that appear when playing long hours.

First of all, playing any game for living a person must be patient. When you are playing all day long you can get extremely exhausted. Either you are sitting at the casino room or spending hours in front of a computer screen, such a load can drive you crazy. Besides, wild swings of your fortunes online will not make your state of mind any better. Be ready to take the worst beats of your life along with huge runs that will make your bankroll go up.

If you want to turn poker into your job, you must look at yourself as a boss looks at his employee. You must be highly disciplined and very organized. Make a steady game plan and record how many hours you play and what your total profits are for the day. It is better to do this for a month or so before you become a full-time player. With the help of these recordings you will be able to analyze your strategy and evaluate the results of your play.

Disadvantages of Playing Poker for a Living

1. No steady profit: It is inevitable to loose before to start earning money. You may suffer losses during some periods of time. It must not reduce your confidence that you need to win. Terrible runs in your way to the purpose may appear as insuperable obstacles, so be ready for this and have faith in your victory.

2. Exhaustion: If you are playing all the time, day and night, you risk being exhausted very fast. The higher limit you play the less time you’ll need to spend in game. But actually most of us will have to play all day to cover all our expenses.

3. Less time for family: Making money by playing poker is not a stable, smooth process. Sometimes when you meet a bad run, you can continue playing until you reach your target. This may take some extremely long time of play. Or if you are going through your losing months, you will need to play as long as you can to improve the situation. In such conditions you will not be able to give your family attention they deserve.

Advantages of Playing Poker for a Living

One of the most attractive moments in poker as a means of money earning is that you may choose your own time to work when you wish. You don’t need to get up early in the morning and to look forward to your days off. You are boss. You decide when to work and when to rest.

If you have turned poker into your job and it brings you good profit, it’s a great lifestyle to choose.