Mixing Up the Play in Poker

Mixing Up the Play in Poker

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As soon as you become predictable in poker, you will face risk to get beat and loose your bankroll. No matter how good or bad you are in the game, whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, if you never mix up your play, your skilled opponents will figure out what you are up to and think out tactics to undermine you. Of course, you can have your own style in playing poker, but you should occasionally vary the way you play.

Moreover, if you want to become successful in winning, it is important not only to defend yourself from being predictable, but also to learn the habits of the other players.

It’s much easier to read players in live poker than in on-line one. In particular, it refers to weak or inexperienced players, who tend to make the same bet for the same cards every time. As a rule, most of these ones are playing poker just for fun and exciting impressions with the hope to make some money. The best strategy to have at the table with the players like that is to simply play your cards. You may also try to bluff but it is not really necessary.

In on-line game when your opponents are tougher to beat (mostly at the higher-limit and no-limit tables) it is essential to change gears in your play. If you don’t do this and don’t keep the upper hand at the table, the other players will have no problem in reading you as an open book.

To make the long story short, before you mix up your play always get to know the players you are up against because poker is not always about your cards.

It is very useful to visualize to yourself what your goal is. You should make a kind of plan setting precise tasks for yourself and reaching your target step by step. Once you have chosen players whose chips you want to win you need to observe them carefully until you feel you know them well. Take note of every hand, how it is bet, when they raise, when they fold, because this will all be helpful in your success when you decide to go head to head on a pot with those opponents. Make sure you know your opponents well enough so that when you decide to put your money on the line with them you will be confident that you will be getting it all back as well as some of their money.

Mix up your play a little bit to keep your opponents guessing. It will never hurt to play tight one minute and loose the next. So put some mix into your play!