Money poker games strategy

Money poker games strategy

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If you’re a rank beginner, this article was written just for you. You’re not ready to play in cyberspace (or anywhere else) yet. Never fear: In this article, we’ll soon have you up to snuff on the basics. You’ll learn important concepts common to all poker games in the next articles, then learn to play one or more of the five most common Internet poker games detailed in other our article. By next article, where we explain how to use the Wilson Software mini-programs on the CD in conjunction with our text, we’ll have you playing poker interactively against computer opponents — in virtual hands much like what you’ll find online. You’ll be learning as you play!

From there you’ll be off to play real money poker games at leading Internet poker sites. The CD provides the software you’ll need to use them. We suggest you play in Internet poker real money games and review this site at the same time. It won’t cost you a penny, and there’s nothing like hands-on learning experience. Later, if you so decide, you can promote yourself to Internet cash games at the same or other sites — after you’ve learned the ropes of the games and technology for free!

If you’re already comfortable with the games as played in brick and mortar casinos, you can skip ahead if you like, but if you’ve never played on the Internet, we suggest you head first to the Wilson Software mini-program of your choice to play 25 virtual hands. Just pop in the CD, download the software for your game of choice, click it to life, and turn to out articles, where related text explains how to use the program features for maximum benefit and provides commentary on the hands.

If you already play one or more games well, but want to learn a game you don’t know — say, Omaha/8 or 7-stud/8, skip ahead to next articles. Read the rules and procedures pertinent to your game of choice; work your way through the CD’s Wilson Software mini-program for that game and the accompanying text material in other article to test your understanding; then head to Internet real money poker games — software for several sites offering them is on the CD — and have yourself a ball doing something new. It’s a great way to learn a new game without risking a cent! You can ease yourself into cash games later, at your own pace.


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