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Play Money

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Play money poker games are extremely popular among novice players and those, who prefer playing for fun. In play money games players are not required to bet real money, playing for fake chips (virtual money) instead. Play money poker is a great free entertainment, good way to learn the basics of poker or get used to online poker software. However, some novice players believe that they can become poker pros playing play money games for certain period of time, which is enough to feel the game. It’s a common, but still a very serious mistake made by thousands of novice players every day.

Play money poker games are good for learning the basics of the game, but they are very limited in their ability to improve your skills.

Training potential of play money poker is insufficient for improvement of basic playing skills. Learning to beat your play money opponents will only train you to excel play money players. Of course some skills acquired at play money tables can be useful in real money games, but overall volume of knowledge is not sufficient for starting a successful career. Moreover, you can learn some bad habits (such as senseless betting and raising), which will make impediment on your way to success. It’s easier to avoid bad habits than trying to get rid of them afterwards.

The first obvious difference between real and play money players, is that play-money players tend to play almost any hand, while real money players are waiting for a good hand to play. Play money players feel no risk, so they make stupid bets and don’t fold even when their loss is obvious. In play money poker rooms winning is extremely easy – you see the flop with a lot of hands with hope to hit a strong hand and grab the pot.

At the real money tables, the players are not nearly as wild as at the play money tables. If a player goes all-in on a board of A K 5 , there’ll be hardly a player calling him with 3 2 . However, in play money games such move wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Briefly, play money players are careless with their virtual chips, while in real money games the players aren’t that generous.

This significant difference between real and play money games greatly affects the strategy of the two games. Winning play money strategy incorporates loose preflop play, because a player can expect a huge pay-off in case if he flops a winning hand. Real money players aren’t that generous, so in real money games they play tighter preflop and go to flop just with certain hands.

Besides of wrong understanding of the game, play money players are often blinded with false confidence. It is a fact that successful play money players frequently lose at real money tables. They don’t realize what mistakes they make, because they play exactly like they play at play money tables, where their strategy was pretty successful.

While real money ring games have nothing in common with play money games, there are certain play money game, which are more similar to their real-money counterparts. A good example of such games is large play money multi-table-tournament in comparison with huge freerolls. Essentially, freerolls are play money tournaments, except they suppose cash prizes for a couple of top winners. The smaller the prize, the more similar the freeroll is to a usual play money tournament.

Play money single-table-tournaments are also similar to cheap buy-in real money single-table-tournaments. In these tournaments players keep to somewhat same strategy: they are cautious at the beginning and aggressive at the end of the game.

Anyway, even at cheap buy-in tournaments, the players are tighter than in any play money tournaments, so these games and strategies cannot be compared.