Table Image: Maniac Strategy

Table Image: Maniac Strategy

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If you think that playing like a maniac at a poker table is very easy, you are really mistaken. Your playing style should be well-planned and if you want it to be profitable you must be extremely attentive to details and sober-minded even if your image is just opposite to that. First of all, you must be ready that playing maniac you will be laying down more hands after the flop than you may think is necessary. With no exception of top pair, top kicker.

From the very beginning right after you sit down raise a lot of hands pre-flop. You will occasionally get on the table and raise the first five hands three times the big blind. If you see that the table becomes loose after such your actions; that is a good sign.

After a series of raises it’s time to settle down and play in tight style. When a situation is opportune you may raise again. Raising have two consequences: you might hit your trash hand and take someone all-in; and you will be perceived as a loose player.

Although maniac style is very fun to play, it can lead you to many traps. That is why it is recommended to exercise maniac table image in cash games only. In tourneys it won’t work, as there you should play patiently in the early rounds and aggressively in the final rounds.

As soon as everybody at the table has understood that you are a maniac, you will be called more often than ever. The negative effect of that is that your bankroll will take bigger swings. But at the same time, your opponents will make wrong assumptions about you based on the way you play. As a result you will success in the long run.

Among the other effects of the maniac strategy is that it can instantly throw many fish players out. For instance, it happens if you are playing hands like Q9s or J9s with the corresponding bankroll in a No-Limit Hold’em. These hands, as well as pairs, suited connectors, and A-x suited, will pull in the best pots of the night.

So, once again, always play tight on the flop. Err on the side of folding rather than calling. In No-Limit cash games, the most money is made when you put your money in on the nuts.

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