Tells in Online Poker

Tells in Online Poker

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Many people are mistaken thinking that there are tells only in live poker. Experienced online poker players are well-informed about them and use them efficiently increasing their profits every time more and more.

The next tells are wide-spread in online poker. Using them correctly you will be able to easily disarm your opponents.

Instant Checking

In most cases it means that a player uses the “auto-check” tool represented in all online rooms. It is possible to make up a conclusion that he was planning on checking before you have even bet or checked. This tell will give you an opportunity to win the pot with a reasonable bet. But keep in mind just like you do some other players might use this information against you.

Wait and Bet

When a player has a legitimate hand, he is usually thinking of how much to bet. It is reflected in that he needs a little longer to bet. He waits and then bets. If an opponent takes rather much time and then checks instead of bet, he probably wants you to think he has a hand. In this case you can possibly take the pot right there.

Betting Patterns

Betting patterns are very important in both live and online poker. It is extremely useful to know each players bet when they have a hand. Most people will give away their cards merely by betting different amounts.

Fast Betting

A player usually does this in order to intimidate his opponent. If you want someone to fold, you should bet fast. This manoeuvre is used to demonstrate power and advantage over opponents.

Naming Hands without Asking

If someone is telling you his hand, it is nothing else but a lie. Why would they were trying to help you? Especially, without you asking them that? In this situation a player will give you incorrect information in order to disorientate you and throw away faster.

When you are analyzing online tells, note, that they do not work perfectly every time. Try to gather all meaningful information so that you could use it against your opponents.

Do not forget to hide your own tells. Thus, online poker odds calculator is very helpful as it will make it harder for you opponents to get a read on you.