The object of the poker – money

The object of the poker – money

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Poker can be played for just about anything of value, including matches, pennies, clothing or property. But the most typical prize is money. Poker is about money. That is the object of the game.

The objert of poker is not to have a superior hand or to frequently beat your opponents. In fact, players with the strongest hands often win the smallest amounts. And players who consistently win more hands than their opponents are usually people who finish with a net loss.

Does that sound confusing? I’ll explain how it works as we go along, hut right now just remember…

The goal in poker is to win the most money.

Everything we cover, every element of the game, every decision you make, every moment at the table is entirely about this one purpose. Never let yourself be distracted by any other poker goals. Beating your opponent, exposing a bluff, winning a long shot, or stacking a big pile of chips can all be tremendous fun, but they won’t necessarily make you a poker winner.

Of course, having fun is important.

Life is too short to have u bad time, but if you allow transitory fun to supersede profit then you’ll be a pleasure-seeking loser. Players in this mind-set are referred to as live ones, and they are beloved anil welcome in any poker gathering (most especially mine). They prefer mindless risk to reward. A heart-thumping challenge is what turns them on. If they can’t win a lot, then they want to lose a lot. God bless ‘em!

Nick the Greek, the famous gambler, once said, “The next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing.” He won millions over the course of his career. And he died broke.

Good luck!