HoldemPoker review


Before reading this review note that HoldemPoker has decided to suspend all real money gaming with residents of the United States due to US legislation to prevent all financial companies and banks from collecting payments for gambling activities.

HoldemPoker is one of Ongame’s network members, so you can play at any of the networks’ sites including Poker Room and Check n Raise Poker using money from your HoldemPoker account. At this site you can fully enjoy Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit Holdem as well as other thrilling poker games including Omaha Holdem, Omaha Hi and Lo, Seven Card Stud Hi and Lo, classic Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw. Besides of exciting ring games you can enjoy a lot of tournaments and SNGs.

Software and Graphical Interface

Installation process as well as registration of account takes less then a minute. In comparison with other poker sites, HoldemPoker has probably the easiest installation and registration processes.

HoldemPoker’s software is remarkable for realistic layout and great approach to details. Players can choose one of many characters. However, you cannot add custom character or avatar. Each character is animated and therefore bent to certain sit of a table, so choosing a particular character you will occupy the appropriate sit. Each table has a maximum of twelve sits with different character for each, so if anybody has already chosen your favorite character, then you will have to take another one and therefore occupy another sit.

There are also a lot of pleasant and convenient features that will help you during the game. For instance you can set your action before your turn – this feature is very useful, when you play at several tables at the same time. Your turn will be alerted with a loud sound, so even if you play on several tables you will never miss your turn. Realistic taste of the game is also boosted with miscellaneous sounds, such as cards shuffling, etc.

To make HoldemPoker review more honest I must mention unpleasant sides of their software too. The most annoying thing is hand history that is available through browser only, so you can get really frustrated with delays. Hand history is not saved to your computer. I’d also mention small chat window, but that’s up to you whether to like it or not. You switch chat window off or move it to the right side of the table – then it’ll grow bigger.

The game

Owing to the fact that HoldemPoker is a member of a huge poker network, you will find over twelve thousands of players at any time and up to fifteen thousands players in peak hours. There are a lot of players from various countries, so you will always find opponents matching your taste and skill level. Texas Holdem and Seven Card Stud tables are full all time around the clock and low limit 5 Card Draw tables are half busy at any time.

The majority of players are playing multiple tables, so their decisions are usually fast, so you will enjoy dynamic game and will be able to play many tables at the same time. Lowest noticed decision delays were about 25-30 seconds and usually it is 15-20 seconds per player. That is because site’s software facilitates multi-table games allowing you to quickly switch between several tables.

Regardless of your preferences you will always find players sharing them. There are a lot of players on both low and high stake types of tables. High tension is noticed in both categories of tables, but high stakes are mostly popular at Omaha Holdem, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw and Texas Holdem tables.


HoldemPoker has a lot of tournaments with smaller size fields. Average tournament is attended by two-three hundreds of players and the range is between 5 and 100 bucks.

Site support

HoldemPoker’s technical support is available via trouble ticket system and e-mail. There is no phone support at this time. The majority of issues can be resolved with extensive FAQ, but special questions can be resolved through mentioned methods only. It usually takes up to 24 hours to resolve your question depending on day of the week and time of the day. 24 hours is the longest answering delay, but usually you get a reply in less then an hour.


HoldemPoker is one of the greatest places to play and win. There are a lot of novice players and therefore you can easily win good money in short time. For instance, with the lowest limit of 5\1 in Seven Card Stud, there are a lot of players that call down with unimproved pocket pairs. You will be also pleased with dynamic and easy flow in other games. However, you must remember about full ring-games that are full of chasers and rocks.

To be brief – the games are incredibly juicy and soft. That’s because of number of novice players that can even call down with two pairs in their hands, when somebody stood pat.

At HoldemPoker Sit and Go heads up players are worst, therefore heads up tournaments are really great and full of action. You can also enjoy short hand SNGs with lots of fun a bit different from regular SNG.

Bonuses and Promotions

Regardless of the fact that HoldemPoker is a member of a poker network, it has its own unique promotions and bonuses, as well as each other member of the network. It’s great, because you can choose various promotions from multitude offered at network’s sites. At HoldemPoker most remarkable promotions are daily 500 bucks free roll at 6 pm. You mustn’t deposit, but have to earn points to withdraw your money. Four points per dollar is required for cash withdrawal and if you won’t earn enough points during 60 days, then the cash prize is lost.

People holding home based tournaments will be pleased with downloadable tournament clock.

The initial deposit has been recently changed from twenty to 100% up to 100 bucks! You just need to earn ten player points per each dollar to have that money in your account. Those, who will deposit more than fifty dollars will additionally get 5,5 tournament entry.


HoldemPoker is reliable and safe, has great software and graphical interface, runs variety of games, thrilling tournaments and has a lot of players. Helpful support, fast and dynamic game, lots of bonuses and promotions will gladden you all the time during you play. This site gets seven from ten possible points in rating and is recommended to try at least one time! Enjoy winning game and good luck!