Online Roulette Facts

Roulette is one of the most popular game in the gambling world, and also in virtual gambling. And every player looks for the way to outperform random wagering. Roulette system is the gaming procedure intended to achieve this goal. I think, there might be as many betting strategies as there are roulette players, but most of those strategies are just variations of some well known roulette systems. Odds of a particular outcome (i.e. red or black, even or odd, 5 or 22 etc.) are the same for every bet played in roulette game. Note that no one system can beat the house edge in the long term, and all roulette systems trade off many small wins for a big loss or vice versa. The oldest and the most well known betting system for roulette is the Martingale System. There are many known variations of this system. The idea is to double bet after loss, so first win would recover all previous losses, plus win a profit equal to the original bet. Martingale System works great if you had an infinite bankroll and no betting limits. But casinos have bet limitations for roulette tables, so you will lose when doubled bet will be greater than maximum bet. There is a MiniMartingale system that is limited to three stages. Having $10 as initial bet, a series of even money bets is $10-20-40. D’Alambert is also widely known roulette system. It is also known as Pyramid. Principle of D’Alambert is pretty simple: increase your bet with one unit after loss on previous spin, and decrease it with one unit after win. Other famous systems are 1-2-3-4? Oscar’s Grind etc. You can find their description at roulette systems resource. You can use analysis tools for test your strategy. For example, very good and free web applet Roulette Analyzer. As you can see with such tools, no one system can be profitable on thousands spins.