Partypoker review


Before reading this review note that Party Poker has decided to suspend all real money gaming with residents of the United States due to US legislation to prevent all financial companies and banks from collecting payments for gambling activities.

Since US residents are no longer processed at Party Poker, this world’s largest poker room has lost a lot of players. However, it still processes hundreds of thousands of loyal visitors from Europe and other countries of the world. It has highest ring game traffic and multitude of players enjoying tournaments. In addition to huge traffic Party Poker has a lot of attractive features for each and every member – loose games, various promotions, hot events, loyalty program, referral program for all members. There are just few loose games up to 30/60 bucks, however you won’t get any kind of statistics that allow to find such games at ease. Black Jack, Side Bets and a lot of fresh features were recently added to Party Poker software. Traffic statistics for October displayed extremely high, even surprising activity, considering that US traffic made over 30% of overall Party Poker traffic. There were from eight to ten thousands players in ring games at peak hours and from fifty to seventy thousands of players in tournament games at peak hours.

Ring games

Having refused to accept real money players from USA Party Poker lost about twenty percent of auditory. However, they still hold second place in world top list of poker rooms running huge volumes of ring games for both play and real money.

Games review

This poker room definitely provides the widest variety of games matching any taste and budget. There are Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem, Seven Card Stud with both Hi and Hi\Lo variants and others. Regardless of variety of games, some famous types of poker are not represented here. These are draw poker, heads-up matches, pineapple and some others. Offered sit and go tournaments are from 200 bucks and down to 5 bucks. In Texas Holdem section of this poker room you will be offered to play pokerboth Limit Holdem with stakes from 100-200 bucks and to 0,5-1 bucks, and of course traditional No Limit and Pot Limit Texas Holdem with stakes varying from 10-20 to 0,10-0,25 bucks. Currently Party Poker does not supports short handed Omaha Holdem game.

Soft competition

Party Poker has displayed ability to maintain both juicy and loose games and moreover, they’ve managed to attract a lot of beginners to these games. Constant influx of fresh players looking for hot action allow you to find extremely soft games with stakes up to 2-4 bucks in no-limit and 5-10 bucks in limit and pot limit games, while in other rooms such stakes may find opposition.

Party Poker loyalty bonus

Writing this Party Poker review it is important to admit their loyalty program that gets better every month! Currently there are both frequent player points and re-deposit programs that allow you to get from fifteen to twenty five percent up to one hundred dollars maximum.

Customer support

Weak in early history of this poker room, their customer support deserves highest marks for the last year. Both e-mail and phone support methods are available for all players. Since they’ve expanded phone support team you get response in less than a minute. Moreover, they are perfectly aware of all room’s promotions and questions that you may have regarding any features. Therefore their customer support receives highest mark in this Party Poker review.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Note that this poker does not longer accepts payments from US residents. You can deposit money via VISA, Master Card, Fire Pay, NETeller, Western Union, eChecks, wire transfer, cahsier’s check, ordinary check and money order. You can withdraw money you win via NETeller, wire transfer, standard checks and eChecks.

Software review

Party Poker software is perfectly designed to match all players’ needs and has decent design, convenient accessibility of all important and frequently sued features. Recent updates improved security and reliability to the maximum. They have added new servers and expanded bandwidth to support over 100,000 players at the same time. Some players have complied on suspensions and disconnection during tournaments, but expert analysis proved that that was because of problems with internet connection. To be brief – Party Poker software certainly wins competition over software of their competitors. Their software supports up to four tables simultaneously, so you can enjoy several ring games and a tournament at the same time. Unfortunately you cannot see flop percentage and hand per hour ratio, but Party Poker excuses it by protection of looser games. You can view approximate pot size for latest twenty hands and personal playing stats. Support of recently added games is automatically installed in software, unless you refuse to install software updates. It’s better to accept all updates offered by Party Poker software, because they not just add new features, but improve security and reliability of your software, thus protecting your personal information. Summary: Party Poker software gets excellent mark for all features.


Party Poker holds one of the highest positions in poker tournaments top list. Over 15 percent of all tournaments are operated by this room. There are Texas Holdem tournaments in both limit and no-limit variants, Seven Card Stud and Omaha Holdem tournaments in both variants. At peak hours there are over seventy thousands players enjoying thrilling tournaments at the same time.


Party Poker is rather attractive from this point of view. Rake never grows higher than 10 percent in both ring and tournament games. For instance, if the pot is reaching five bucks the rake will be equal to fifty cents. Sometimes the rake can be a bit higher, like in some tournaments, where it reaches good value just at higher stakes. It can be from 20 percent fee in five bucks games and about 8 percent fee in 100 bucks games.

Signup Bonus

For three years Party Poker keeps their signup bonuses unchanged. Traditional offers are 20 percent of your buy in up to 100 dollars in total, or 25 dollars with minimum required deposit of 50 bucks. There is also a 5,000 bucks freeroll played among all new users during second week of next month after signup. Besides of that expect various reload bonuses and other pleasant surprises that Party Poker frequently treats its members with nice surprises. For instance each new player gets a cap bonus up to 100 bucks after you play five hundred hands. Loyal players are also treated with monthly free rolls and special bonuses.


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Security and Privacy protection

Highest level possible. All your data is securely stored and encrypted till you are a member of Party Poker. Since you request to delete your account, your data will be terminated immediately.

Choose your bonus

  • 20% up to $100
  • $25 Extra