Poker Software and Table Selection

When you go online, the poker application connects you to the room and automatically directs you to the lobby. The lobby is a “homepage” of a poker room, a place, where you can see the list of available play money and real money ring games, tournaments, use cashier to deposit or withdraw your funds, adjust various options, account details, etc.

All games in the list are followed with the respective table details: number of players at the table, type of the game (such as limit, no limit, pot limit, etc.), stakes, pot value, hands per hour, players seeing the flop, etc. Many rooms have advanced table search functions, such as finding tables by players, by game types and other details. For example, see Full Tilt Poker Review containing the detailed description of Full Tilt application, or visit to download Full Tilt Poker software and see how it works.

Novice players should consider checking out free-roll/special section of the tournaments as there can be some juicy free-rolls, which get quickly filled with players. Poker pros use lobby to locate advantageous games in respect of their style of play. This method is called “table selection”.

Some newbie-friendly poker rooms choose not to display advanced table features that may help poker pros to easily locate weak and loose games, protecting novice players from being robbed by the stronger ones. They usually hide view flop percentage, but still there is a reliable way to spot loose games by checking out the average pot. However, some tables with high pots may be tight and aggressive, with plenty of hands going to shutdown, so you should take a closer look at the table, before joining the game.

Table selection is a very important aspect of poker strategy, essential to maximize profits and enjoy your favorite style of the game. Many poker rooms allow you to join waiting lists, if the table is currently full. Some poker rooms allow you to join several waiting lists at the same time, so you can be picky and try to get a seat at the best table matching your preferences.

This is a basic table selection article. You will find more in-depth details in further articles dedicated to this subject. Come back shortly to read new articles in our Poker Strategy section.