PokerRoom review


Before reading this review note that PokerRoom has decided to suspend all real money gaming with residents of the United States due to US legislation to prevent all financial companies and banks from collecting payments for gambling activities.

PokerRoom is the web’s unique and leading poker site with marvelous sleek-style design and plenty of wild traffic. You can either download their software with decent graphics and handy controls or play without downloading software right on their site. They’ve managed to establish truly soft games and boosted their traffic to the maximum now leading in online poker industry. Six handed tables are mostly active, unlike the rest of top ten poker sites, where twelve-handed tables are more popular. This site is strongly recommended for Mac users that are able to play poker without any additional software. It is also attractive from educational point of view, because besides of decent statistics of your activity they have a database of hands played on this site open for every member for free. The major gaming activity is near Texas Holdem ring game and tournament tables, but you will also find plenty of eager players in other games. This site provides awesome bonuses at signup and various promotions for loyal members. However, the rake is a bit higher than on other top sites of the industry. It is more likely because of short-handed tables with six players maximum. Loyal members of this site report very juicy games with soft games even up to 5-10 dollars in no limit Texas Holdem. As I’ve already mentioned they have plenty of wild traffic. Site statistics for the last month show up to five thousands of players in ring games and up to twenty five thousands of players in tournament games at the peak hours.

Ring game traffic

Usually there are up to five thousands players in ring games at the peak hours. These statistics show only real money poker games, so total quantity of players is much higher. The major action is concentrated around high limit game tables. I must say that PokerRoom’s traffic essentially increases every month.

Game variety

PokerRoom offers selection of popular games including Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem (both Hi, Hi\Lo fixed-limit, pot-limit and no-limit), Seven Card Stud (both Hi and Hi\Lo), Five Card Draw and other pot-limit and no-limit games. However, traffic is mostly concentrated to Texas Holdem.

Soft competition

At the majority of PokerRoom games the competition is very soft due to marketing pushes, various promotions and good rankings in search engines, wherefrom plenty of wild, but weak-skilled players are coming. However, competition is rather hard at top stake games. At the same time, it is still possible to find rather soft $5-$10 games at no-limit Omaha Holdem games reaching 30-40 flop percentages. Generally, site statistics show approximate 40-60 flop percentages on the majority of full ten-player tables, so average competition is very soft.

PokerRoom loyalty bonus

PokerRoom runs a reward program that allows collecting bonus points earned with each raked hand and redeem them with cash or buy-ins in plenty of free-roll tournaments. One hundred bonus points are worth one dollar. Day’s top 50 point earners get rewarded with $1000 shared among them. Besides of that, each member can refer friends getting rewarded with $25 per each.

Customer support

PokerRoom support is quite helpful and well-informed regarding all minutest details of the game and software, so that you shall definitely find answers and support. Unfortunately, site customer support is reachable only via e-mail, but time of reply is short at any time of the day. Deposit and withdrawal options You can deposit money to your account with your VISA or Master Card (US cards are not accepted), or electronic payment systems including NETeller, FirePay, PrePaid ATM, Delta, Instacash, 900Pay, MoneyBookers and Switch. You can withdraw money you win, or earn via NETeller, FirePay, PrePaid ATM and checks.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Note that this poker site does not longer accepts payments from US residents. You can deposit money via VISA, Master Card, Fire Pay, NETeller, Western Union, eChecks, wire transfer, cahsier’s check, ordinary check and money order. You can withdraw money you win via NETeller, wire transfer, standard checks and eChecks.

Software and graphics

PokerRoom offers one of most impressive and reliable software product in whole industry. Having sleek and attractive graphics, it keeps stable connection to servers and won’t slow down your computer, regardless of platform and hardware corresponding recommended configuration. Tests of PokerRoom software on less powerful PCs had also shown good results. Some players complained of small size of buttons in multi-table mode, but one should just get accustomed and enjoy spicy drive of the game to forget about button size. It is also great that PokerRoom software is available both for download and in Java version perfectly matching Linux and Mac users and Windows users that cannot download files for some reasons. A bit complex from the first sight, PokerRoom software is definitely worth to be studied. You will dig plenty of marvelous features including detailed hand statistics with variety of sub-statistics, tips, etc. Recent updates have added text chat that allows logged players to communicate even out of the game. Besides of choosing game and playing game, one of software’s tools allows you to create custom tournaments with all options including buy-in and sharing time adjusted by you. You will always find something interesting about this software enjoying thrilling and wild game.

Tournament traffic

Site statistics show 17,000 (average) – 24,000 (peak hours) tournament players, most of which are attracted by daily free-roll tournaments.


PokerRoom rake is a bit bigger than average in the industry, however, not exceeding average limit of $3 per pot. Rake calculations made considering three basic game variables, which are number of players, size of pot in terms of big blind multiples and type of the game e.g. no-limit, pot-limit or fixed-limit. The rake also depends on your strategy of playing. Playing tight aggressive games you can keep it under 2 percent and getting involved in a row of small pots you can get up to 10 percent raked.

Signup Bonus

PokerRoom offers $100 signup bonus at 20% deposit match. Some other bonuses and promotions may be available due to various events. Check what bonuses are available right now.


PokerRoom offers plenty of exciting promotions including guaranteed events such as free tournament entries, qualifiers to WPT, ability to earn and redeem bonus points with cash, great $5000 royal flush bonus, great cash prizes for top daily point earners and possibility to become a full-paid poker professional with up to $240 000 salary. Learn more at PokerRoom site!

Security and Privacy protection

PokerRoom is one of 5 most secure poker sires in the world. You can be 100% sure that your credit card information and other personal data will be safely stored for all time of your membership and immediately terminated after you decide to leave.