Texas Holdem Poker history

Poker game is one of the greatest card games in the world, it’s game which play different peoples from various countries of our planet, so it holds positions of official kind of sport for millions families and homes around all world.

It’s hard to pretend somebody who have not heard about poker game, but it’s same hard to find man who knows where poker did come from, and of course where is not a dominate theory of where poker game originated from. But today’s poker game becomes from various card games, into strong hierarchy of hands and tricks and greatest skill, which can make any player to become a texas holdem winner.

A common history says that first game similar to modern poker was invented by Chinese emperor Mu-Tsung at 970 a.d., emperor have been played with domino cards. Another version of poker history speaks that is was played by the Egyptians in the 12th or 13th century, in the game similar to modern poker in the hand ranking, today’s there is little evidence of that game has survived, and can tell to historians complete story of the poker game.

Also history remember a game called “treasure cards” of Ganjifa that was played in modern Persia territory in 16 century, which was one of historic versions of modern card game called poker, a much similar game is “as nas”, a version which was played with 25 cards and used different betting rounds and hand ranking system.

A card game from Spain, which evolved in 16th century, beliefs a today’s poker “father” and most relative of “Primo Visto”, one more famous card game.

Both this games were mentioned in the book of John Taylor which called “Taylor’s Motto” and was written in 1621.

A game was played with only three cards and with a few rounds of betting, main part of the game was to bluff with another opponents and showing them poor cards.

Some memories of this game has been founded in Italy and Spain, and it dates back in 1526, first memories of Primo Visto has appeared only almost half century later, so it’s possible that is these two games can be the same card game.

The card games became loved in France and Germany in 17th and 18th centuries.

A French colonialists has exported that card games from France to America which was called “Poque”, (a German version of game was called “Pochen”).

There was a most popular card game if France in the middle of the 18th century, so French settlers which settled in North America was responsible for first access to this popular card game. From New Orleans that game was traveled up Mississippi and to beginning of 19th century the game become a popular everywhere to Louisiana state.

First literature memories about poker game dated in 1834 by Jonathan H. Green.

The new game was played on boats of Mississippi river, and it was a three-card game which has a place in Europe of that times.

The book of Jonathan H. Green was called “An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling”, and it was a first written document about poker game, and there is a complete overview of the game cheats and tricks of that times.

In 1875 the poker game was most popular card game on new land. There wasn’t any saloon on the Wild West which haven’t a poker tables.

The poker game was spread over United States year by year, and in middle of 20 century it becomes an official kind of sport.