Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem, which is also known as Texas Hold’em, or just Holdem is the most popular type of the poker game. Unlike Seven Card Stud and Draw, where each player plays a separate hand, Texas Holdem is a community card game, where each player uses 2 pocket cards combining them with five community cards to form a poker hand.

About Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem was originally played in the US , but after wide exposure on TV and online in 2001-2003, Texas Holdem became the most popular poker game in the world. In less than three years Texas Holdem has completely replaced 7 Card Stud almost completely eclipsing this popular game. The no-limit Texas Holdem is played in widely televised main events of the WSOP and WPT.

The structure of the game, where each player starts with two pocket cards and shares community cards with other players, allows applying strategic and mathematical analysis, which makes Texas Holdem even more interesting for all levels of players. Obvious simplicity of the game and its incredible popularity in land-based casinos and online has inspired great variety of poker strategy guides providing recommendations and tips for proper and winning play. The majority of these books and guides come to a conclusion that a player must play poker just the strongest starting hands, but try to squeeze each cent out of really good hands.

Objectives of Texas Holdem game

Like in all types of the poker game, in Texas Holdem the players compete for a certain amount of money contributed by themselves in the beginning and throughout the game (the pot). Because the cards are dealt in a random order, not controlled by the players, each of them tries to control pot size proceeding from the hand he holds.

The whole game is divided in several betting rounds and in the end of the game (the showdown), one or more winners are defined by the comparison of their hands. A hand may either end at the showdown, or when a player folds. If there is only one player left in the pot (the other players folded), then the pot is awarded to this player without showing his cards.

The objective of winning poker pros in Texas Holdem game is not winning random hands, but making right decisions in each and every game they play maximizing their profit in the long run.

Online Texas Holdem Poker

The possibility to play cheap Texas Holdem anonymously online caused a terrible increase in popularity of Texas Holdem game. Online poker rooms both allow players to try out different types of poker games for free (play money games) and provide various bonuses and promotions like free entry into large tournaments. Online poker rooms also provide real money players an avenue for entry into large poker tournaments such as WSOP and WPT through smaller tournaments, also known as satellites. The 2003 and 2004 winners of the WSOP were qualified by playing such tournaments.

Texas Holdem Strategy

The majority of poker pros recommend a tight and aggressive style of play. This strategy supposes playing relatively few hands (folding weak starting hands) and aggressively raising strong starting hands. Although this strategy is the most recommended, each poker pro has own strategy of play.

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